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We will stick by and help you realize your true self. 


The Life Firm is about afFIRMing your best life.

Their system of Life Coaching combines compassion, candor, levity, and joy to enable remarkable and lasting change in their clients. They do not believe that suffering is an essential component to our human experience and evolution.  They utilize effective and efficient practices to maximize clients FLQ (Full Life Quotient) in all areas of life, including health, love, career, and finances. 

Using personal insight, wit, and a down-to-earth approach, Bron and Darla find inspiration from their clients who have the guts to examine themselves with honesty. They truly believe that Life Coaching acts like a GPS navigation system by helping you find your way step-by-step until you arrive safely at your destination without worrying about where you’ve been. 

Using our background in life coaching, psychology, and women’s studies, we will work with you one-on-one to ________ (fill in the blank), as each individual we work with has a unique area they want to improve. We will strive to empower you to be happy in every moment so you can create the life you know you deserve.  

The Life Firm believes you can live life—and live it abundantly—in all areas of life, not just some.  We will provide you with the tools and support you need to create lasting change.   We will help you become stronger, more confident, and with a higher level of satisfaction and happiness.


  • Physical and emotional health
  • Relationships, whether it’s finding one, improving one or moving on from one
  • Anything else that keeps you from realizing your true self
  • Self-worth
  • Body issues
  • Career and money
  • Grief
  • Family

What is life coaching?

“A coach is your partner in achieving your personal goals, your champion during turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and most importantly:  your partner in living the life you know you’re ready for, personally and professionally.” – Thomas Leonard, Founder, International Coach Federation

Bron Stadheim

Certified Life Coach | Co-Founder of The Life Firm | BA Psychology

Like most people, Bron has experienced setbacks in his personal and professional life including back-to-back deaths of beloved family members, divorce, bankruptcy, unexpected layoffs, and being the victim of crime. 

Despite it all, he understands how these setbacks can be overcome. As a Certified Life Coach, he knows how a person can emerge happy, healthy, and whole. 

Since he was a child, Bron had a desire to know more about the human psyche, how people get along, and why people want what they want. After years of studying the mind, body and human cultures and belief systems, he learned to help others as a Certified Life Coach using all of his unique skill sets to help others achieve their dreams of a happy, healthy life and a renewed clarity of purpose. 

Born in Minnesota, Bron is the middle child of three boys. His elder brother is now an Emergency Room Physician, and his younger brother has Down Syndrome. His father, a former minister, earned a PhD. and has worked as a clinical psychotherapist for decades. 

Being the son of a successful father and older brother, as well as the sibling of a younger brother who required a significant amount of time energy and attention, Bron felt lost in the shuffle and often overlooked. 

As a student who valued ease, lightness of being, freedom and fun, Bron often felt out of place and devalued by his family. Additionally, 

through deep personal exploration of his own belief systems, he realized the beliefs he thought he held were not actually his own—instead, he felt he had been operating his life based on other peoples’ belief systems. This realization led to an epiphany about his life’s meaning thus far, and its pain.  

Bron has significant experience assisting with relationship issues—parent/child, spouses/significant others, siblings, and, perhaps most importantly, one’s relationship with himself or herself. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University and has worked in various areas in the field of psychology, including with juveniles at an in-patient treatment center and as a leader of anger management classes. He has also assisted in the recovery of those dealing with substance abuse issues. 

Believing he might find business success to be personally fulfilling, Bron ventured down that path into the worlds of banking and higher education, where he achieved success both nationally and internationally. However, he ultimately found this success underwhelming and unfulfilling, but through self-exploration, meditation, and—alas!—the guidance of a caring, nurturing Life Coach, he chose to create and follow his own path. 

Together with Darla, they started The Life Firm to help lead others in the pursuit of happiness. 



Certified Life Coach | Partner of The Life Firm | BA Psychology / Sociology

mike life firm 2.jpg

I've always believed that the most important aspect in life is "CONNECTION."  Connection with other human beings.  Connection with my own spirit self.  Connection with nature.  Connection with our deepest emotions: fear, love, happiness.  But most importantly, a connection to a feeling of contentment with life and my surroundings.

I had always used humor and knew it was my way of dealing with fear and anxiety,  But I had no idea that I was running away from the conflicts that were right in front of me!  The irony is that the thing I feared most was the feeling of fear and what I thought that meant .... non-stop pain, unhappiness and loneliness.  I believe that dealing with fear continually and the idea of being "fearless" are both silly. I have discovered that truly bold and courageous people do feel fear.  They accept it AND then go ahead....they do what they are most afraid of.  The exciting part of fear is that there are tools to make it less painful.  The goal of a life coach is to get your tool box packed with a wide variety of these tools.

I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Sociology/Psychology degree and worked as a clinical supervisor for a treatment center in Mesa, Arizona for 10 years.  I learned quickly that I had to achieve a balance in order to genuinely help people and find healthy solutions.  Humor doesn't fix everything?  What a concept!  I went through intensive training weekly and I'll never forget the advice of the clinical psychiatrist:  "Mike, the first three years is listening, the next three years is working on your own issues and after that you can start helping others."

There is no greater satisfaction than being able to help a struggling friend generate solutions and ideas.  Listening is everything and asking the right questions is crucial.  No judgment or labels.  Just healthier thinking patterns.  I know there are too many people in this world that feel alone and just need a safe person to talk with in order to process their thoughts and beliefs.

My goal was to find a career that I could be passionate about and never feel like I was going to a "meaningless job" every day.  After working as a clinical supervisor and recently completing the life coaching certification process, I realize how much I love what I do and it is what I'm meant to do in life.

I believe a good life coach should ask deep and meaningful questions to help you identify what your true goals in life.  You will also be asked difficult questions in an unthreatening way to discover what habits or beliefs are holding you back.  Together, we can develop an action plan of real, attainable steps to move you closer to your vision.



Certified Life Coach | Co-Founder of The Life Firm | BA Women's Studies

Darla is a Certified Life coach who helps people recognize, realize, and accept who they truly are. She wants all her clients to go out into the world and experience success on their own terms.  

Darla possesses wisdom and sensitivity to life’s challenges. Her zest for life and insights into the human condition provide a firm foundation for her Life Coaching practice.  She can help you successfully and joyfully maneuver through life.

As a Certified Life Coach, Darla acts with compassion, wit, sensitivity, optimism, support to help her clients not only realize, but DISCOVER, their true desires. She wants her clients to recognize WHO they are, not WHAT they are. As she began to experience life on her own terms, she realized most people don’t even know what their own terms are! 

A graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies, Darla has unique experience and a deep interest in helping women and adolescent girls with body and food issues. Darla understands the depth to which societal beliefs are placed on women and girls. She also has expertise with issues related to grief, personal relationships, finding purpose in life, and overall wellness of being.

Like many people, Darla has experienced divorce, significant grief from the passing of both parents, and has struggled with body acceptance. Shortly after Darla was born, her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This put a tremendous amount of financial and emotional stress on the whole family, especially her father, a loving and compassionate man.

Like many people dealing with stress, her father bought into the belief system that real men never show fear or weakness and their role is that of strength and financial support, a fallacy that caused him immense unexpressed pain, anxiety, and sadness that led to unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Upon the passing of her mother, Darla’s father experienced a spiritual death, after which his body caught up. He passed three months later.  

Darla came to recognize that it was through the challenging, fearful, and painful experiences that she experienced the most growth. Although an above average and social student, she never felt she fit into the traditional mold or was able to (happily) live the life everyone else seemed to be living. This caused immense sadness, frustration, hopelessness and distress. Upon the passing of her parents, she realized she was existing but not truly living. 

Darla began to not only accept but embrace her nature. She wanted a life where she could experience joy and freedom daily. She was no longer willing to wait for vacation or retirement to somehow arrive. Those days might never arrive, but TODAY has.

Darla believes that life should be fun, and if you are not having fun, you should look deeper into your life to identify where you are and what you are doing. This zest for life—as well as her extensive knowledge of the human condition—provides a firm foundation for her Life Coaching practice. 

Darla wants to help you live the life that only you are meant to live.  She wants you to embody yourself with joy and pride. There is only one you and the world needs you to be the best version of it. 



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Darla Zavacky BA Women's Studies/ Certified Life Coach

Bron Stadheim BA Psychology/ Certified Life Coach

Mike Johnson BA Sociology/Psychology / Certified Life Coach

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